Video Content Development

Corporate - Industry - Factory

Due to COVID-19 pandemic every businesses like corporate, industry, factories needed to take some extra steps (precautons & preventions) to secure their employees/workers safety to keep the production flow smooth. As an export oriented business every business may have to present to their client of all the complaince steps taken by a business. We (Our expert team) have already developed such a video for a reknowned garment factory named "ACS Textiles (Bangladesh) Ltd". In that video we show cased all the precautions and preventive measures taken by ACS Compliance in a creative and descriptive way to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Every business requires such a feature rich video which may help to grow your business status and reliability specially towards your foreign client as well as everyone else.


  • Show clients all the precautions and preventions your business take and how employees are following those to ensure their safety during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Increase clients reliablity
  • Presents strong business compliance maintenance
  • Showcase business standard in a positive way
  • Helps to upheld business status
  • Increase brand value
  • Attract more clients
  • Increase customers trust

Specifications & Details

  • Video can be used to present compliance standard of any sorts of office / industry / factory
  • It can showcase all precaution and preventions steps taken by business
  • Video can have animated contents in it which we do as well
  • Video lenght can be as long as any business need it
  • We do scripting, shooting, dubbing, editing all that needs to make a creative short video for your business/brand.
  • As we have already done it, we can make a good offer for your business surely.

How to get it?